Powered ExoSkeleton

ExoSkeletons are Wearable devices that work with the sense of the user. Exoskeletons can also be referred to as: robotic suit, powered armor, exo-frame or exosuit, wearable machine, power jacket, etc.… Wheel chairs are the best things we have right now. They are difficult to get into and out by one’s self. Disabled people can’t climb stairs by their own.

All of this could change if exoskeletons become reality. With the emerging technologies day by day, production cost is currently a large issue, but price of exoskeleton should go down in future. Re walk is the best alternative for the wheelchair right now, there are many others present in the market. The ReWalk, specially allow paraplegics to stand and walk, allowing for healthier lifestyle. Additionally, powered exo skeletons have many more uses. Emergency responders can use exo skeletons to increase their strength and help other people in need. It helps them to save survivors in collapsed buildings by lifting heavy object.

You might be surprised to learn that someday soon a slight less incredible version of Iron man suit may enable U.S. soldiers to run faster, carry heavy weapons and it will shield them from bombs and bullet. The military and other companies have been working on powered exoskeleton, a technology designed to enhance the power of human strength and its capabilities, since 1960s. But now advanced electronics and technologies are making this idea seem practical.

However, power supplies continue to be the problem in exoskeletons. How do you carry something that can power the exoskeleton? Many groups are trying to make it possible, including NASA, but the technology is still few years out.

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